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Web Hosting Services

"BrandMe Web Hosting Service is a one-stop solution for all your web services around India. Using the best server in India, powered by cloud services such as Azur and Amazon."

Web Hosting Services

Web Hosting Services refers to the service offering storage space for an application on the server or a website over the internet. In simple words, it is an online service that allows users to publish your website or web application. This indicates that when you sign up for web hosting services, you owe some space on a physical server by paying a specific amount. In this server, you can be able to store all the files and data essential for your website to work great.Every website that appears over the internet or search engine will be a host on a server. 

Also, the amount of space allocated on a server to a website depends on the hosting type.Searching for the best and affordable web hosting service? Get-in-touch with the BrandMe team, our aim is to provide you satisfactory and excellent service. BrandMe web hosting services come in all shapes and sizes. Our professionals have the ability to handle websites and rank them on top of the search engine page.

Process of Web Hosting Services

BrandMe Web Hosting Service is a one-stop solution for all your web services around India. Using the best server in India, powered by cloud services such as Azur and Amazon. We ensure that we work hard to fulfill all your needs in one place. Here is the simple and best process of opting web hosting:

Domain Registration:
It is a very first step towards the digital presence.

Web Hosting Services:
Once completing the domain registration process, you should get into web hosting services. 
As a team, we offer all sorts of web hosting services to choose for your wonderful new domain name. 
Get the best and cheap web hosting services from our experts who work round the clock and have expertise in it.

As we all know that almost 75% of the population uses social media marketing platforms, thus via social media services it can be a great advertising tool for the business. Social media services allow you to advertise your business through social media services platforms, it connects you with a larger audience. Brand me will help you to build your brand, and helps to increase sales and indulge the traffic for your social media services page. Social media services feature to publish great content on your page, via engaging with your followers, analyzing results, and through ads.

Difference Between Web Hosting and Domain Name

By signing up for a web hosting service, you need to buy a domain name. Web hosting enables clients to rent server space for your website. The domain name acts as an address for your specific website.
While checking out your website, users need to enter your domain name into their browser search bar and your server will transfer the content they request for.Well, choosing a good web hosting service can take lots of time and money. Here we mention everything about web hosting services and its importance.

Types of Web Hosting

Web hosts offer different types of hosting so that they can fulfill the needs of various clients. No matter, either you want to make a simple blog or own a large online business. Or, you might in the dire need of an intricate company website. Below are some important and popular options available which are as follows:
Shared Hosting.
WordPress Hosting.
Reseller Hosting.
Dedicated Hosting.
VPS Hosting.

Authorized to Manage the Leading Web Hosting Services

Looking for reliable web hosting services? You should trust on BrandMe experts. With us, you can get fair guidance and worth services from our experts. We offer cheap web hosting to all our clients in India. Our team understands that a small company always need a low-cost plan. That's why we have come up with a cost-effective hosting price for our customers.

Our team can guide you through the best solutions and services like:

Domain Service.
Web Hosting.
Specialized Hosting.
Email Solution.
Cloud Solution.
Web Security.

BrandMe Web Hosting Plans For You

Economical Hosting Plans
Get one of the best web hosting plans with us, as we are one of the leading service providers across India. Choose any of the plans mentioned below:

120 GB Web Space.
100 GB Bandwidth.
250 Emails.
Unlimited FTP Accounts.
Unlimited Sub Domain.
SSL Certificate Included.
Drag & Drop Site Builder.


100 GB Web Space.
20 GB Bandwidth.
50 Emails.
10 FTP Accounts.
5 Sub Domain.
3 Websites.
GB Web Space.
SSL Certificate Included.


Up to 20,000 Visitors in a day.
CPU Power |||.
Loading time - 3 seconds guarantee.
Unlimited SSD Disk Space.
SSL Certificate Included.
Unlimited Bandwidth.
10 Emails.

All Web Hosting Plans Includes the following services:

Easy-to-use Control Panel.
1-Click Install of over 150 free apps.
24/7 Network Security.
Resource on-Demand.
1GB Database Storage.
1-Click Domain Name Setup.
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